Ginza & Goodbye

tokyo 3342 Ginza & Goodbyetokyo 3344 Ginza & Goodbyetokyo 3338 Ginza & Goodbyetokyo 3347 Ginza & Goodbye

Our last day in Tokyo, we went window shopping in Ginza, an upscale part of town also known as one of the most luxurious shopping districts in the world. I’m not a big shopper, but we did end up buying these grapes which cost, oh you know, $8.60 USD for a single bunch! On the upside, they were the ripest, sweetest, most perfectly formed grapes I’ve ever eaten in my life, and they still haunt my dreams sometimes.

tokyo 3480 Ginza & Goodbyetokyo 3499 Ginza & Goodbyetokyo 3259 Ginza & Goodbyetokyo 3528 Ginza & Goodbye tokyo 3522 Ginza & Goodbye tokyo 3518 Ginza & Goodbye tokyo 3515 Ginza & Goodbye tokyo 3513 Ginza & Goodbye tokyo 3511 Ginza & Goodbye tokyo 3510 Ginza & Goodbye tokyo 3509 Ginza & Goodbyetokyo 3536 Ginza & Goodbye

At last, we said our goodbyes to Tokyo. To get to the airport, we took the bullet train which was fun for a number of reasons: the train is new and surprisingly spacious, they sold drinks (sake in a can), and the views leaving Tokyo are beautiful. We got to see a different side of Japan – the ocean, countryside, farmland, suburbs. The blur of places we passed through had a quiet, sleepy feel to them, and looking back on these photos now, I think I’d want our next trip to Japan to be somewhere more like this (maybe Kyoto, 2015?).

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Golden Gai

Tokyo at Night: Ramen & Golden Gai

tokyo 3353 Tokyo at Night: Ramen & Golden Gaitokyo 3355 Tokyo at Night: Ramen & Golden Gai

Starting the night with dinner at Ippudo Ramen.

tokyo 3423 Tokyo at Night: Ramen & Golden Gai tokyo 3425 Tokyo at Night: Ramen & Golden Gai tokyo 3429 Tokyo at Night: Ramen & Golden Gai tokyo 3431 Tokyo at Night: Ramen & Golden Gai tokyo 3461 2 Tokyo at Night: Ramen & Golden Gaitokyo 3235 Tokyo at Night: Ramen & Golden Gai

This is Golden Gai, a network of narrow alleys that are sometimes only wide enough for a single person to pass through. It is home to dozens of tiny shanty style bars, eateries and clubs, and my single biggest regret from our Tokyo trip is not going into any of them, Especially since this picture was taken from our hotel room! So close and yet so far. Damn jetlag.

The story of Golden Gai is one of survival. In the 1980′s, many buildings in Tokyo were set on fire by the Yakuza so the land could be sold to developers, but Golden Gai avoided this tragic fate through the protection of its supporters, who took turns guarding the area at night. What stands today might be one of Tokyo’s most charming little neighborhoods, and the perfect place to get your drink on.

Some of the bars here can only serve 5-8 people at a time, that’s how tiny they are.

tokyo 3470 Tokyo at Night: Ramen & Golden Gai tokyo 3471 Tokyo at Night: Ramen & Golden Gai tokyo 3472 Tokyo at Night: Ramen & Golden Gai

Asakusa, Tokyo

Asakusa, Tokyo

tokyo 3266 Asakusa, Tokyo tokyo 3269 Asakusa, Tokyotokyo 2 Asakusa, Tokyotokyo 3289 3 Asakusa, Tokyotokyo 3275 Asakusa, Tokyotokyo 3278 Asakusa, Tokyo tokyo 3279 Asakusa, Tokyo tokyo 3280 Asakusa, Tokyo tokyo 3283 Asakusa, Tokyotokyo 3287 Asakusa, Tokyo

We made our way out to Asakusa specifically in search of an amazing little tempura restaurant we’d read rave reviews about: Tempura Daikokuya. We of course got lost trying to find it, but it ended up being great because it allowed us to discover the gem of a neighborhood that is Asakusa. While Asakusa is mostly famous for its buddhist temple, Sensō-ji, it’s also unique in that it has a more traditionally Japanese atmosphere than other neighborhoods in Tokyo. Due to bombing during WWII, most of Tokyo’s buildings are less than 50 years old, but there is a higher concentration of buildings from the 1950′s and 1960′s in Asakusa than in any other part of the city.

This part of Tokyo is a throwback to another era. No futuristic skyscrapers or giant plasma screens blinding you with advertisements. Just small shops, peace and quiet, and the sense that this is a place where you could actually get to know your neighbors.

tokyo 3296 Asakusa, Tokyo tokyo 3293 Asakusa, Tokyo tokyo 3292 Asakusa, Tokyo

Tempura Daikokura
1 Chome-38-10
Asakusa, Taito, Tokyo, Japan
81 3-3844-2222