Autumn in New York

Central Park, Fall/Autumn Leaves, New York

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The final day of our road trip, Heidi and I rewarded ourselves for making it through over 30+ hours on the road by spending a full day in New York City. After driving in through Newark, we parked the car in Chelsea and decided to stretch our legs with a walk along the High Line. The sun was out in full force that morning and with it New Yorkers in droves, bundled in layers and soaking up every last ray of warmth while it lasted. Then, a quick stop for coffee (I am not a functioning human until I’ve had some) before heading up 5th avenue for some window shopping and finally ending the day in central park. Jonah, such a trooper, was grateful for the time to run around and expend all that toddler energy.

These were taken a couple months ago so the foliage has changed since then but I’m happy I was able to capture this particular moment of a real New York fall. I’ll always love New York – the energy, the hustle. It’s a city you can lose yourself in and be no-one in. There is comfort in that.

There are very few people one can sit in a car with for as long as Heidi and I did on this trip. We share a similar laid-back travel style and after 16 years of friendship, know each other in an out. We never ran out of things to talk about. Jonah has his mom’s calm disposition so the three of us made for a perfectly harmonious road trip trio. I’m grateful that we had the chance to do this together – opportunities for spontaneity are so rare once kids and adult responsibilities enter the picture. I’m thinking about trying the whole cross-country thing again, it was that much fun, but next time going through the southern states like New Mexico, Texas, Georgia and the Carolinas during the summer.

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Do you have any favorite road trips? I’d love to hear your recommendations so I can add them to my travel wishlist!