Winter Travel: Packing for the Pacific Northwest

winter travel packing for the pacific northwest Winter Travel: Packing for the Pacific Northwest

With Christmas just around the corner, H and I thought it would be nice to take advantage of the extra holiday vacation time and travel somewhere new. We first considered going overseas, but realized eight days isn’t quite enough time to get the most out of any destination that’s a 10 hour plane ride away. So instead, we’re going to uncharted territory with a trip to the Pacific Northwest! I’ve heard so much about the natural beauty and stellar coffee in that region. We have an ambitious itinerary laid out and it goes something like this: fly into Seattle for a day, take the train into Vancouver for a few days, take the train back to Seattle, fly to San Francisco for a day, then spend a weekend in Napa before heading back home. I doubt I’ll be able to blog next week but follow me on Instagram because I’ll definitely be posting there.

So how does someone from Southern California go about packing for the Pacific Northwest? My wardrobe is very poorly equipped to handle any “real” cold weather – that is, anything below the 60-something sissy stuff Angeleno’s complain about – so I’ve been scouring the web for warm winter coats and accessories that I can layer with existing pieces for the trip. These are a few of the pieces I’m considering + a few favorite things I already own and wear to death. Saturday marks the official start of winter so hopefully this helps you transition your wardrobe into the colder months, too.

Do you have any recommendations for the cities I’ll be in? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to check them out!

(1. Rag & Bone Cara Cable-Knit Sweater, 2. Zara Double Breasted Coat, 3. Zara Skinny Old Blue Jeans – current favorite. Slight stretch but thick and of good quality, 4. Dolce Vita Halle Ankle Boots – obsessed. quite possibly the perfect simple ankle bootie. have them in black and wear them year-round almost every day. great for girls with slim feet/calves who want something fitted and sleek, 5. Happy Socks x Madewell, 6. Madewell Camera Clutch, 7. Marc Jacobs Fur Pom Hat)